Design ou Granny Smith ?

krypton design

Krypton is present throughout the print design : corporate identity, graphic chart, logo, packaging, photo, illustration, labels, brochures, leaflets, flyers, posters, etc ... We can meet your every need : whether the right tools to be used to optimize your communication or control of a specific support, we are there.

Krypton conceives, creates and delivers a complete service. Our agency can become your privileged interlocutor, who is positioned throughout the graphic chain.

You said Photo ?

krypton design

Everything in contemporary culture is visual. Krypton adds an extra dimension to its expertise at your service through photography, the basis of all imaging. Whether for your corporate identity, catalog presentation or a website, our challenge is constant: to give relief to your business, bring art to the business with consistency and elegance.

Illustration : the sublime illusion

krypton design

Imagination has no limits for the artists Krypton. When ideas go beyond reality, illustration and drawing can be an ideal solution. In a few pencil strokes, we give life to any idea. From graphic composition to Street Art, through a variety of styles, as much by technology as by more traditional tools, Krypton is a challenge of the requirement and quality, able to value the most complete projects.

Working with Krypton

krypton design

Building a graphic is a fairly comprehensive process. This is called a Corporate Identity. This is simply representing you: of the logo to the catchy phrase, letter paper to the card: all that is visually YOU.

It's a story to imagine, design, build: together. This is a process that occurs between Krypton and you, in which you are constantly involved.

Everything starts with an idea. Colors, materials, shapes: a whole world of possibilities awaits you ! We are listening to you. You talk about your project, what it consists of, what future you imagine, etc ...

We exchange a lot at this stage of our collaboration. We need to know as close as you would like and what we can do. We give life to an idea and create an identity that you'll want to keep, share. So we go together and you are involved in every moment. From there, you'll see, everything will be fine :)

Gradually, we are finalizing the collaboration. That is, your identity is almost complete. There are still some details such as choosing paper or catalog format. We love the originality, it is essential to stand out strategically with elegance.

Well, now you have your graphic identity. And it was a pleasure to grow this idea to completion.

Innovation ? A situation of choice

Print, web, video, audio, photo, goodies, all Krypton's multimedia universes in 1 clic !