The importance of coherent transmission

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One of the challenges of the 21st century is the understanding and optimization of means of communication, in a world of constant acceleration. There is nothing to fear in this process. We are there to support you throughout the creation of your web space. It is a question of ethics.

Many talk about creating websites. Few are skill enough in the entire project ... Krypton's originality is in the multiplicity of skills at your service. It is also a long-term vision based on confidence and integrity.

Let's Talk Projets

krypton technology

You would like a website to gain visibility ? You desire to expand/modify/upgrade your existing website ? Krypton is here to bring you concrete solutions meet your goals. A project, whether virtual or real, has many aspects that we know how to manage simultaneously. Constant technological monitoring allows us to answer each of your questions.

Krypton seeks the best solutions, sometimes alternative, because every problem has its solution. Our web design involves a partnership : our expertise associated with your world and your communication needs.

You said technique ?

krypton technology

Being innovative is to find and create solutions tailored to each profile. We won't talk long over technique, but Krypton wish to offer you the latest tools in Internet integration : CMS, html5, css3, w3c norms, jQuery ... Ever newer and non-intrusive technologies that respect your corporate identity across all communication channels : computers, tablets, mobiles ...

No matter the size or the type of your structure, the creation of a website is one of the best way to value your creativity. It is therefore essential that your web space is noticed and stand out : a facebook page is not enough. Investing on a graphic identity of quality, visible on the web is a winning strategy :)

Social Working Lab

krypton technology

Looking for development prospects, optimal accessibility, have you thought about the social networks ? Virality of social networks allows the rapid dissemination of information you wish to disseminate. In this field, Krypton is also positioned to provide solutions and meet your needs. It seems logical to give you the necessary keys for your digital self. This is your site, it aims to be essential.

At core of this virtual labyrinth, Krypton is here. From basic to more complex, Krypton offers to address or control, depending on your level, your virtual business tool through various trainings to better understand every day, in your workspace, the latest technology and tools needed to secure browsing.

Innovation ? A situation of choice

Print, web, video, audio, photo, goodies, all Krypton's multimedia universes in 1 clic !